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Image of Arcteryx SL-340 Harness

Arcteryx SL-340 Harness

The Arc'Teryx SL-340 Harness is a Climbing harness built specifically for sport Climbing. The harness has been built with super light in mind, allowing you to pack it or wear it without being weighed down. The Burly Double Weave fabric is four-way stretch while the Type 66 nylon webbing provides strength throughout the entire harness structure (thanks to Warp Strength Technology). This 12 ounce little guy Fits both men and women and has elasticized fixed leg loops for a good Fit and plenty of comfort. The two gear loops hold onto your gear and the quick hook at the back releases quickly for speedy bathroom moments. Features of the Arcteryx SL-340 Harness Warp Strength Technology for exceptional pressure dispersal and comfort, superior strength-to-weight ratio and compactness Burly Double Weave material for strength and comfort Waistbelt updated with softer edge, less pressure on the edges improves the overall comfort Fixed leg loops with elastic automatically adjust for a precision Fit Two reversible polyurethane gear loops, rear haul loop Orange wear safety indicators on belay loop, tie in points Laminated elastic webbing on leg loops extends rebound life Easy to use drop leg elastics with single stainless steel hook for durability Longer belay loop Fits both men and women Stainless steel quick hook on the rear leg elastic permits using the bathroom without taking off your harness Burly Double Weave four-way stretch fabric Type 66 Nylon webbing Polyurethane gear loops

Best Price: 119.00 from MooseJaw, Backcountry

Retailer Product Name Price  
MooseJaw Arcteryx SL-340 Harness 119.00 Visit Store
Backcountry Arc'teryx SL-340 Harness 119.00 Visit Store

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