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Image of Brownells Wheel Prep

Brownells Wheel Prep

Saves you time and saves your polish. Puts the polish on the wheel and not on the walls or floor. No more fiddling or fooling,with hard to load polishing wheels. Greaseless polishes almost jump on your wheel after a single application of this incredible product. Brownells Wheel Prep(TM) is a dark-blue, sizing compound that's applied after the wheel is trued, but before you apply your greaseless polish. It instantly conditions and prepares the wheel to accept the maximum amount of polish in a single loading. Works on all types of wheels, for greaseless polishes ONLY. Not for use with Brownells 555 or other grease/tallow based polishes. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Cardboard tube, approximately 1 1/2 (.68kg) wt.

Price: 15.95 from Brownells

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Brownells Brownells Wheel Prep 15.95 Visit Store

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