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Image of Fisher CZ-21 QuickSilver Metal Detector

Fisher CZ-21 QuickSilver Metal Detector

Broaden your metal-detecting horizon to both land and sea. Fishers CZ-21 QuickSilver Metal Detector goes with you down to depths of 250 ft., in either saltwater or freshwater, to uncover relics, treasure and adventure. LED indicator gives you quick

Price: 807.99 from Cabelas

Retailer Product Name Price  
Cabelas Fisher CZ-21 QuickSilver Metal Detector 807.99 Visit Store

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Searching for buried valuables with Fishers F11 Metal Detector is made easier with an ultralightweight design that lets you scan without getting fatigued. The nine-segment visual target-ID screen and the four-tone audio ID work together to let you know

Image of Fisher F75 Metal Detector - Gold

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The premier relic-hunting and general-purpose metal detector searches deeper with better target separation to focus your coverage of even the most iron-infested sites. Five detecting modes, including all-metal, discrimination, pinpoint, boost and cache.

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