Go GaGa Urban Sherpa Strap Review

The Go GaGa Urban Sherpa Strap helps to ease the load of a heavy bag. It distributes the weight more evenly than a traditional messenger bag. As you can see from the photo below, the strap stretches over your shoulder. As the mother of two young children, I always have a thousand things in my bag. I don’t use two separate bags for a purse and diaper bag, I just put it all in one big, very heavy bag. The Urban Sherpa strap makes it much more comfortable to carry. Go GaGa also makes bags that feature the Urban Sherpa strap. I made the bag in the picture.

Go GaGa Urban Sherpa Strap

gogaga strap

Go GaGa Urban Sherpa Strap Open

go gaga urban sherpa strap open

The Urban Sherpa Strap consists of a non-slip fabric that doesn’t fall or slide off the shoulder. The strap is easy to clean and dries quickly if you get it wet. I’d recommend the strap to anyone who carries a heavy load everyday. It’s great for students who have a lot of books, commuters carrying laptops, and mothers, like me, who carry around everything but the kitchen sink.

Go GaGa Urban Sherpa Strap Closed

go gaga strap closed

The strap can be closed up. You can also put your phone or iPod in this pocket.

The Urban Sherpa Strap Retails for $32.00. A portion of the sale is donated to The Mountain Fund — which helps provide clothing, medical care and education to Sherpa’s and their families.