Mountain Khakis Alpine Utility Work Pant Review

I’ve been testing the Mountain Khakis Alpine Utility Pant for the last 4 months. I put them to the test clearing bush and chopping wood around the cabin. The pants are made from Mountain Khakis’s 10.4 ounce cotton duck canvas which is extremely durable, lightweight and fairly soft for canvas. I’m impressed with how comfortable these pants are for a durable “work pant”.

Mountain Khakis Alpine Utility Pant in Downtown Jackson, Wyoming

mountain khakis downtown jackson

These pants fit right in their rugged hometown of Jackson, Wyoming. I wore these to work around the cabin in the morning, then hit the town. The earth-tone color helps hide dirt.

Roomy Seat and Legs

mountain khakis

Unlike other “work pants” I’ve worn, the Alpine Utility Pant has ample room in the seat and legs. It’s a relaxed fit, not straight legged. This makes them much more comfortable to wear while working. You can also easily wear long underwear if you’re working out in the cold.

Working in the Mountain Khakis Alpine Utility Pant

alpine utility pant

The loose fit and action gusseted crotch provide freedom to move in the pant. Some “work pants” feel like your wearing a suit of armor. The Alpine Utility pants have a softer fabric feel and more forgiving cut. The pockets are plenty large to hold hand tools, gloves, wallets, phones and more. In fact, you’ll still have a full range of motion when the pockets are full. Some very skinny guys, with small behinds may find these pants too baggy.

Alpine Utility Pant Reinforcements

mk alpine utility

Here you can see the triple stitching on the inside of the pant. You can also see the reinforced rear pockets. The bias tape around the inside of the waist helps keep your shirt tucked in while working. The sturdy zipper and riveted metal button ensure longevity.

Two-Ply Fabric Rear Panel and Side Pocket

alpine utility

The seat is beefed up with twice the fabric. It’s not noticeable, yet gives the pants added protection against abrasion. I crawled over a lot of down logs and bushwhacked through the brush with no tears or rips. Also pictured is the side pocket. Depending on the job, I’d use it to store my cell phone, utility knife, pencil, or pruners.

Mudflaps — Two-Ply Fabric Cuff

mk mud flaps

The Two-Ply Fabric Cuffs help keep the bottom of the pant around a boot, and they provide a longer wear life.