Mountain Khakis Cottonwood Cords Review

Mountain Khakis started with the Original Mountain Pant and they continue to add new styles to line without compromising the original design. The Cottonwood Cords have all the great features you’d expect from Mountain Khakis: the hidden pocket under the right front pocket, the triple stitched seams, the reinforced back pockets and cuffs, and the gusseted “ballroom” action crotch. The new Cottonwood Cords introduce a cozy corduroy stretch fabric.

Mountain Khakis Cottonwood Cords

mountain khakis cottonwood cord

The Cottonwood Cords are tough enough to be worn on the trail, but I consider them more of a lifestyle pant. I usually wear my cords to the office. These are a great pair of cords to have if you have a job where you need to look professional but spend time in the field. They are durable, yet soft and comfortable. I also find myself lounging around the house in them.

Cottonwood Cords Relaxed

mountain khakis cottonwood cord

11 wales per inch make up the corduroy. The fabric is a unique blend of 97% Cotton and 3% Lycra. I didn’t think 3% of Lycra would make a difference, but it allows the pants to stretch more. (See Below)Notice the large gaps between the wales. I counted 8 wales per inch when the cords were stretched.

Cottonwood Cords Stretched

cottonwood cord stretched

The stretching provides a more relaxed fit and allows you to move more freely than in a traditional pair of cords. The Lycra blend also keeps the fabric from shrinking.

Cottonwood Cords Craftsmanship

cottonwood cord

In this picture you can better see the wales on the cords. You can also see the triple stitching on the seems and the reinforcements in the back pockets. There’s also ribbon added around the waist and next to the zipper to reduce wear on the corduroy fabric.

Cottonwood Cords Relaxed Cut

cottonwood cord

This picture shows the straight legs of the pant. I have large thighs and Cottonwood Cords still had a loose fit. The fabric has held up to five washes, without shrinking or loosing color. The corduroy fabric does get softer with a few washes.

Cottonwood Cords Mud Flaps

mountain khakis mud flap

Like all Mountain Khakis, the Cottonwood Cords have a 2-ply cuff for a longer wear life. This also keeps the cuff over a boot.

Bottom Line: The Outdoorsman’s Cords

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