Mountain Khakis Lake Lodge Twill Review

I’ve reviewed five other pairs of Mountain Khakis pants and I find myself wearing the Lake Lodge Twill the most. They’ve become my go to pant for work and hanging out. The Lake Lodge Twill pants look good in the office, work good in the field, and feel good while sitting on the couch.

Mountain Khakis Lake Lodge Twill in the Tetons

mk teton twill

The Lake Lodge Twill pants features a special blend of 6.3 ounce cotton twill with 2% lycra. This makes them lightweight and offers some give while you’re moving. Like all Mountain Khakis pants, all seams are triple stitched. There are two deep pockets on the front of the pants. The right side pocket has a smaller hidden pocket behind it.

Hanging Out in the Lake Lodge Twill

teton twill

I often look overdressed because I wear these pants while hanging out around the house. Sure they look dressy, but they are as comfortable as pajamas.

Rear Pocket Loop

teton twill

The Pocket Loop adds style to the pant. Notice the extra stitching around the pocket. I was able to jam a pair of leather gloves and a winter hat in each pocket while I was working in the yard. As you can see the pockets held up.

Lake Lodge Twill

mountain khakis twill

Here you can see the size of the pockets and the bias tape around the waist. The action gusseted crotch allows a wider range of motion than a traditional khaki dress pant. I was able to climb a ladder, jump into the back of by truck and bend over and pick up rocks, without worrying about ripping out the seams of the pant. These pants tend to wrinkle after washing. I just go with the wrinkled look, but if you’re wearing these in a more professional setting, you may want to iron or dry clean them.

The Lake Lodge Twill is available in 3 colors: Light Khaki (pictured), Navy and Classic Khaki.

Lake Lodge Twill — Built for the Mountain Life

mk inside

The Lake Lodge Twill pants do it all. Mountain Khakis motto is, “Built for the Mountain Life.” The Lake Lodge Twill pants truly are build for the mountain lifestyle. You can work (desk job), or work (field job), or play, or hangout, or just live in these pants.