Mountain Khakis Men’s Snake River Convertible Pant Review

National Outdoors was fortunate enough to get a hold of the highly-anticipated Mountain Khakis Snake River Convertible Pant. Mountain Khakis is releasing the Snake River Synthetic Collection next spring. This collection will feature a 100% nylon lightweight, technical, and quick-dry fabric, that is UVA/UVB 50+. I’ve worn these pants on a variety of outings including: hiking, camping, fishing and bouldering. The Snake River fabric is much more flexible and easier to maneuver in than the Original Mountain Khakis pant. Although these pants are lightweight, the fabric is heavy enough to avoid snags while bushwhacking and durable enough to avoid abrasion while scrambling over rocks.

Snake River Convertible as Shorts in Southern Utah

mountain khakis snake river convertible

I’ve always been a fan of the convertible pant while in the backcountry. With one pair of pants, you get the benefit of shorts and pants. In the picture, I’m hiking in the redrock country outside Canyonlands National Park. The morning was cold, and I had the legs zipped onto the pants. As the day warmed up, I shed the legs within a few seconds.

Fly Fishing in the Snake River Convertible Pant

mtn khakis snake river pant

You can’t keep the Snake River Convertible Pant away from the river. The pants have a cargo pocket on the left leg that fits a medium sized fly box perfectly. They also dry very quick if you get them wet (see my test below). I also wore them comfortably beneath my waders.

Playing Around the in Snake River Convertible Pant

mountain khakis snake river pant

A loose fit in the legs and nylon material allows for a mobile pant. The pants don’t get hung up on your thighs when your climbing. The front pockets of the pant expand so you can have items in your pockets and still have mobility.

Quick-Dry Test Part 1

mountain khakis review

I wanted to test out how quickly the pants would air dry, so I waded into the river and got wet.

Quick-Dry Test Part 2

mountain khakis snake river pant wet

As you can see, these pants are soaked! Within 20 minutes of submersion, they were damp yet comfortable. After an hour they were completely dry. After drying, the fabric stiffened up, but then softened once I began walking around.

High Quality Stitching and Zippers

mountain khakis zipper

Mountain Khakis wisely used the bomber YKK Zippers on the zipper pockets and pant legs. These zippers can take a beating and hold up over time. The pants legs are also very easy to attach back on the shorts because the zipper has a large slider and pin. Notice the triple stitching on all the seams. The sample I received was a little tight in the waist, so I put these seams to the test.

Reinforced Pant Cuff

mountain khakis bottom of snake river pant

Like all Mountain Khakis pants, the rear cuff is doubled over for added wear. I call it the “mud flap”.

The Snake River Convertible Pants are a great all round pant. You can get one pair and have the versatility of pants or shorts. Travel in them, get them dirty, wash them in a sink (or river), have a cold one while they dry and head out for a nice dinner.