REI Quarter Dome T1 One Man Tent Review

The REI Quarter Dome T1 is a sturdy, one man, three season tent. The tent itself weighs in at 2lbs. 13oz. When the guy lines and tighteners, stakes, pole repair tube, pole and stake bags and stuff sack are added in the total pack weight is 3 lbs. 6 oz. Sure it’s not as light as a bivy sack or tarp, but if you’re looking for adequate shelter from the elements with room to move around in, this is a great option.

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REI Quarter Dome T1

rei one man tent

The official specs say the floor area is 81 inches X 26 inches. I’m six feet tall and there’s plenty of room for me lengthwise. It’s slightly narrow for me sideways, but the added headroom makes the tent feel much larger. Dispute the narrow feel, I can still move around and get dressed inside the tent. You can fit two or three people in the tent if you’re just sitting. There’s a large doorway so, if you’re with a group you can get shelter from the wind, rain or bugs.

REI Quarter Dome T1 Color Coded Poles

rei tent setup

The tent poles are color coded to match the fabric on the tent. As a die-hard I thought this was silly at first, but after a few after dark tent set-ups I figured every tent should be made this way. Very simple for anyone in any condition. The poles are all connected together and swivel on a hub mechanism. No more lost poles! REI saves weight by using the high quality NAC Featherlite NSL poles.

Hub and Poles

pole connectors

Here’s a close up of the hub.

REI Quarter Dome T1 no Rain Fly

rei one man tent

In the picture you can see the seam-sealed bathtub design of the floor. The upper part of the tent is all breathable mesh so the tent doesn’t get too warm in summer months. Notice REI’s Tension Truss architecture which allows for ample headroom with a stable structural integrity. I really like the large door. Even for a one person tent, it’s easy to get all your gear in and out.

Interior Pocket

oneman tent

There’s a small stow pocket

REI Quarter Dome T1 with Rain Fly

rain fly

Here’s the tent with the rain fly. The rain fly attaches to the bottom of the tent poles, so it sets up in a flash. If you want the full effects of the vestibule, the fly needs to be staked into the ground. There are adjustable guy points and cleat-lock tie-downs on the rain fly. For the conditions. I encounter I never use those and don’t pack the added weight.

Getting Ready to Sleep

tent inside

As a disclosure, REI says this is a three season tent. In the picture, I camped in season four. I was camping the Wasatch Mountains in early November and it was twenty degrees out. You can see the frost built up on the mesh part of the tent. I was fine, but below freezing is not the best use for this tent. I didn’t have any issues when I used the tent for it’s intended use.


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