Seattle Sports Active Trax Review

New for 2009. The Seattle Sports Active Trax is an eco-friendly portable speaker. The Active Trax is powered by a hand crank and/or a solar panel. The speaker is compatible with most music players, and also can tune in FM, AM and Weather Band Stations. The Active Trax comes with a protective case for the speaker and music player. You can find the frequency of the weather station in your area by visiting the NOAA website.

Active Trax with MP3 Player

The Active Trax offers surprisingly good sound quality. It’s comparable to portable battery power speakers. We found that the hand crank was the easiest and quickest way to charge the Active Trax. 1 minute of cranking yields about 20 minutes of play time. If the weather is good, you let the Active Trax charge in the sun. 5 hours of solar charging will give you about 30 minutes of play time. The instructions claim that maximum charge for the speaker is achieved with 40 minutes of cranking or 35 hours of solar charging. I don’t think anyone has the patients for that. I would just crank-up the speaker once it lost the charge.

When I tested the Active Trax, my pack was full, so I clipped the case onto the outside of the pack. My speaker and MP3 player held up to the stresses of hiking and transportation. Seattle Sports provides a one year guarantee for workmanship and materials.

Active Trax and Protective Case


The Active Trax is a small, lightweight (11.4 oz) and eco-friendly way to bring music to your campsite. You never have to worry about the batteries running out and you can quickly charge-up the speaker using the hand crank if you need to hear the latest weather bulletin.


Don’t expect to charge your music player with power from the Active Trax. You can charge your iPod, but you’ll need to crank the Active Trax for a LONG time… and you’ll need to bring the USB charger along with you.