Thorlo Experia Sock Review

The THORLO Experia was designed for athletes who want foot protection without all the weight. The socks feature ball and heel pads that have been sculpted to retain a sufficient amount of padding to protect against shear and impact forces. The lightweight sock features an aerodynamic design that hugs the foot and allows maximum breathability.

I tested out the Experia socks while jogging, hiking and just running around town. For this test, I wore them for five days without washing them. I know it sounds gross, but I wanted to see how the padding would hold up. By day five, the Experia’s were well worn, but still had plenty of cushion left in them. After I washed them (inside out with no fabric softener), it was like putting on a brand new pair.

THORLO Experia Socks Specs:

  • Specially sculpted THORLO® pads protect from shear and impact
  • COOLMAX® Enhanced Performance yarn used for moisture management
  • Mesh polyester allows air-flow and breathability
  • Nylon covered Lycra® provides contoured aerodynamic glove-like fit
  • Lightweight Achilles Tendon Pad protects against rubbing and chafing
  • Contents: 66% COOLMAX®, 20% nylon, 13% polyester, 1% elastic

I got a chance to meet with Jeff Lawson, THORLO’s Director of Marketing at Winter OR. I was impressed with his passion for the brand and product lines. He explained THORLO is not a sock company, but instead a company that provides foot protection products. They even make Medical Grade foot protection (socks) for people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes. THORLO has a product to match any stage of life and any type of activity. THORLO is a family run business based in Statesville, North Carolina. They employ over 275 families, with up to 5 members of the same family. Each THORLO craftsmen (or craftswomen) takes pride in their work, and it shows in the design, construction and durability of the socks. The video below sums it up much better than I can.

Experia : The Designer’s Vision from Thorlos Videos on Vimeo.

In the following pictures, you’ll see the Experia compared to a traditional running sock.

Top of THORLO Experia

thorlo experia review

You’ll notice both socks are very thin over the top section of the foot. The padding of the Experia extends to cover the top and sides of your toes and the upper portion of the heal. From an aesthetic point of view, the Experia’s look a lot more technical. I noticed the extra cushion in the Experia on the first step.

Bottom of THORLO Experia

thorlo experia

As mentioned above, the THORLO brand is dedicated to providing a healthier foot. You can see how they’ve added the extra padding to this sock

THORLO Experia Inside Out

thorlo experia review inside of sock

You can really see the extra padding on the inside of the sock. Also the lyrca band around the mid-section of the sock helps keep the sock positioned correctly on the foot.


You can now find the THORLO quality and technology in a running sock. I’ve had the same two pairs of THORLO Hiking socks for the last three years. I’ve hiked, worked and skied in them and they still wear like new. Although the Experia socks are slightly expensive ($14.00), they will last longer and provide much more comfortable stride.


If you like your running shoes to fit tight and wear a thin sock, it may be difficult to fit the Experia into your shoe. They fit your foot very tight (like a glove), but they are bulkier than other “running socks”. I noticed the sock filled out my shoe by a half size.

The extra cushion does insulate your foot more, and hence makes your foot warmer and may add to more sweat. The sock sheds moisture well and dries quickly after running. It didn’t bother me, but there was a noticeable difference while testing the Experia on one foot, and another sock on the other foot.


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